Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Porcupine State of Mind

I was just reading about the book that my daughters' friend Amy just read called Soon to be a Major Motion Picture by Donna Partow. I think it had a character in thebook that is me although I sincerely hope I am not too prickly.

One of the opening chapters deals with what the author says is a common problem amongst churchgoers. It is titled, "The Porcupine State of Mind." This prickly personality is typecast as one suffering from a persistent, know-it-all, fix-it attitude. Partow defines this theoretical person as one who has lots of good points though no one wants to be around her. A porcupine woman knows she is right --- she can straighten out the people in her life, her workplace, her church, her world. To determine if one is a porcupine individual, Partow purports that said individuals frequently deliver silent sermons to everyone, from the store clerk to their pastor. Other key indicators include thinking you are the best neighbor, yet the neighbors never invite you over, or perhaps you single-handedly run your place of business but repeatedly get passed over for a promotion. Even though you've devoted your life to your children, they never come around anymore.

So much of this comes very close to home, especially with my son. He never calls or comes home. We actually jokingly call him "no news is good news" because we never hear from him unless he genuinely has a problem and needs my assistance. Other than that he is basically an invisible person. Now that I think of it he was actually a very quiet child also.

I guess when they are growing up this is good because they never cause you any problems, but when they grow up and leave home, you wish they would remember where they came from occasionally.

I guess what I am trying to say is even when your children get on your last nerve, enjoy them while they are there because when they are gone, a house can be very silent.