Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today was a really crazy day. Who goes shopping on purpose in the rain. Most people stay at home on a day like today unless they have to get out. Well (deep subject), we got out and went shopping. First we stopped at the phone store to get my friends new phone checked out because she was having issues. Well, what am I going to do but look around while she is talking to the sales rep.
Bad move! I found another red phone and this one had a full keyboard. I mean, who needs a keyboard on a phone. Isn't it just suppose to have numbers so you can dial? Anyway, long story short. I bought a new phone. Don't know if I will ever get it to work, however, it did ring once after I got home and I managed to answer it. Ha!

We've really come a long way. I remember when you use to pick up the phone and the operator ask you who she could connect you with on your call. Technology - who knew.

The generation today doesn't have a clue how hard we use to have it. Now you can type something on the computer and change it an unlimited number of times before it is published. We use to use carbon whenever we wanted more than one copy of something. We didn't even have copy machines. And you didn't make many mistakes because it was a big deal to erase all those carbons. Now days if you see something you want, you just buy it on time. When I first got married, we saved up until we could pay for a item. They didn't just give credit away to anyone back then. Probably why so many people are in debt these days. We even were taught to take good care of things and get them repaired when they broke. Now it cost less to just buy a new one. The world is really moving fast these days and I am trying very hard to keep up. Sometimes it is best to just step back and watch and not get caught up in the race.

Sorry for rattling on. I do that a lot. Guess I will go get the book for this new phone and read the instructions. What a novel idea. Some people are so smart they can just pick up a piece of equipment and make it do miracles but little ole me still has to read the instructions.

I better go now. Have a wonderful weekend and I will close now.

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  1. So how are you liking that red phone?? I guess, since you've figured out how to answer it, you're doing good. ;)
    The rest will come in time...(after you read the directions. HA!)

    Too bad there wasn't a good movie out for us to go watch - today would have been the perfect day for a movie.

    I finished my audio book on the way home (told you I was close to the end). I'll give it to you the next time we get together - you will love it! I laughed all the way through this one.

    Hope you like the new things I added :)