Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Government At Work

I spent my whole morning being filed and refiled for jury duty. First we had to fill out paperwork to prove we were suppose to be where they told us to be - like you would be there if someone didn't make you.....Duhhhh. Then we all patiently waited while a couple of ladies went through the paperwork to make sure that everyone showed up. Then the judge comes out and talks to us and tells us the only excuses he will accept for not serving, like a FELONY CONVICTION??????

Next we had to go around the room and let everyone that really didn't want to be on a jury explain why they really didn't want to be on a jury. There really were some good excuses. Wish I had thought of some of them. I never was very good at excuses but everyone that had one got excused. The judge really was a nice person.

Then the judge gives us a recess. I haven't had one of those since grammar school. Yeah!!!!

Now it's time to go back in and they line us up by our assigned numbers (1,2,3,4,etc.). They put almost all of us in the front of the room and seat 20 of us in the back of the room. Then they take the 20 people in the back of the room out into another courtroom. "Grand jurors for the whole year. Yikes!!!! Now I really feel better.

Okay, then the judge comes back in and tells us that unfortunately, there will be no case today. Seems the guy that was suppose to go on trial skipped out on his bail and they don't have any idea where he might be and they have all the marshals and bail bond people looking for him.

Good News = We get rest of day and tomorrow off.
Bad News = We have to come back Wednesday and start all over again.

I am simply worn out. I would much rather have been working all day. That isn't nearly as stressful.

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