Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday

This should be a lazy Sunday just laying around and doing nothing. My "day of rest", so to speak. Well, for the life of me I cannot figure out how to just lay around and do nothing. There is always something to do. Sure I guess I could ignore the dust and cleaning, but after a while it gets in the way of everyday living. Ha! Sooner or later , all the debri and clutter will have to be moved out of the way. I prefer sooner. Seems like if I put it off, it will always come back to get me. Someone will come over unexpectedly and guess what, your house will be cluttered.

I grew up in a house where procrastination was a way of life. My Dad did it and my Mom did it. Seems like we were always running around like crazy people when we found out that the preacher was going to stop by for Sunday dinner. Whewwwwww! it always drove me crazy. Life is stressful enough without causing more.

Anyway, here I am, should be enjoying my lazy Sunday and I am washing clothes, stirring dust around the room, etc. Just wish I could throw out all the clutter and start all over. Wouldn't that be great. Sometimes I think we get too caught up in material things.

Enjoy your days of rest and when you get the urge to pick something up or move it out of the way, just remember, I probably have already been there done that.

Oops. Got to go now. The dryer just buzzed. See you next week.

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  1. With two grown people and a dog - and one of those two people doesn't work - living in a house, there's no way you should possibly have that much to clean all the time. It's okay for the dust to settle for one day, take the time to enjoy your lazy Sunday, the dust will still be there waiting for you tomorrow.